Conscious Canvas™

Are you a Non-Profit looking for clarity?

A shift in organizational development & planning has been taking place over the last 20 years.

The concept of your organization at a glance started with the Business Model Canvas. The Lean Canvas was a further development of the ‘canvas’ concept.

Up until now no one has applied this concept to the non-profit framework.

Our Conscious Canvas is your Non-Profit at a glance

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Are you the right fit?

Who is this for?

  • Executive Directors, Board members, or other development personnel inside a non-profit org.
  • Those looking to form a new non-profit entity
  • If you are a B-Corp this may be a wonderful way for you to be even more focus on the cause you support. 

Who is this not for?

  • NonProfit orgs that are driven by individuals that view their efforts as a vanity project
  • Non-profits who are completely fine NOT actually growing and progressing towards doing more good.
  • Anyone who is using a non-profit or cause for any other reason than to make the impact they say they want to.

What is the Conscious Canvas™?

The Conscious Canvas is a framework that helps a Non-Profit gain clarity at a glance.

Here are the areas that our Conscious Canvas helps you gain clarity around:

Your Mission Offering
Beneficiary Segments
Impact metrics
Key Performance Indicator(s) (KPIs)
Key Activities
Beneficiary Distribution Channels
Key Resources
Key Partners
Cost Structures
Beneficiary Relationships
Revenue Streams
Donor Focused Value Proposition
Donor Relationships
Donor Distribution Channels

We’ve developed a guide that helps you work on each of these areas. You have the opportunity to focus on, develop, and gain a clear, even simple view that can help you day to day..

If this sounds like the kind of information you would like to keep track of every day download the FREE Conscious Canvas Guide and learn more.

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