The Adora Charity Model

The Adora Charity Model

Since 2014 the Adora team has been focused on helping other charities gain consistent donations through the Adora Charity App.

We wanted to find a way for us to directly give back as well.

After looking at our goals and how we want to inspire change we’ve come to a realization:

There are SO many amazing people and families out in the world who lift up everyone around them.

There are also many of these people and families who are struggling to find their place in the world – financially or passionately.

So what does this actually look like?

Here is a scenario:

  • A family of 4 who are all amazing examples, kind, always willing to help… sometimes to their own detriment.
  •  A lost of employment, COVID impact or sickness, injury or health issue hits.
  • Bills become late, debt stacks up, the struggle becomes very real…
  • YET this family still shines, the kindness is still there, the lift to their community is still felt

Helping this family get on their feet may cost as much as $50k for a 12 month plan, and if we help 200-300 families like this that could be $15m in just one community. 

How can we make sure this impact is felt?

We know there are at least 200 families like this in many communities, yet we want this program to inspire others to action.

We modeled the impact in large cities and we realized that in a community of over 1m people this impact might be lost in the noise of such a large place. We realized that we have to wait to touch these markets until we can grow the program to impact more families in those communities.

SO we’ve decided to lean into communities of 100k in populations or less.

We want to inspire others to become lights to their communities, even if they struggle. We believe this program can help provide an example of rewarding the growth of emotional intelligence. 

When we start to honor those who give more than they take we hope to see a shift in how these communities on the whole interact with each other.

There is a key to our model, we at The Adora Company want to match those who can give in these communities.

We are going to ask businesses, leaders, non-profits, and federal agencies to pledge financial support and The Adora Company will be matching these pledges.

So those communities who are willing to put their money where their mouths are will earn our support here at Adora.

Imagine if a community pledges $7.5m and Adora comes in and gives $7.5m – that community may be able to see a change that lasts infinitely longer than the life of the program itself.

Businesses help provide jobs, contributions can be made in kind, utilities and other bills work with us to clear the slate. Imagine what could happen if a community comes together like that?

If you want to learn more, be a part of what we’re building here at our Adora Charity, or even nominate a community, family, or make a pledge then PLEASE join our email list below.